Декларация о соответствии техническому регламенту Таможенного союза (ДС ТР ТС) - это документ единого образца, удостоверяющий соответствие продукции требованиям безопасности, указанным в определенном техническом регламенте Таможенного союза. Данная декларация действительна на территории всех стран участниц союза. В зависимости от схемы декларирования продукции, декларация о соответствии ТР ТС, может быть выдана на определенную партию изготовленной продукции или, при серийном производстве (поставке) продукции, на срок до 5 лет.

State Registration

Certificate of State Registration it is a document that confirms that product is safe for human health. This document is issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Development for the production or importation of products which meet the sanitary regulations and hygienic standards of Customs Union ( Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan - which is valid on the whole territory of this union ). The Customs Union Agreement on sanitary and hygienic standards came into force on July 1st, 2010.

Letter of Exemption

A letter of exemption is a document from the certification body stating that the products are not subject to mandatory certification

GOST R certificate

GOST R certificate of conformity confirms that products are in compliance with Russian GOST standards.

For many products GOST R certificate is not issued any more and Customs Union Technical Regulations certificates are issued instead.

GOST R Voluntary certificate

Voluntary certification is a form of certification in the GOST R system that is applied to products, services and equipment, of which the certification is not required under the legislation of the Russian Federation.
As a rule, the voluntary certification takes place at the request of the producer, the seller of goods or at the request of the customer.

Russian Fire Safety Certificate

Fire Safety Certificate — an official document confirming the fact of conformity to all requirements for her safety. In Russia, there is a specific list of goods (Federal Law number 123 of 22.iyulya 2008, Article 146), which necessarily must draw fire certificate of conformity. If the product does not appear in the list, can be issued a certificate of fire safety compliance on a voluntary basis. The procedure for obtaining voluntary instrument is virtually identical to the process of registration of mandatory fire certificate. Many manufacturers prefer to make a voluntary fire safety certificate for a competitive advantage for their products.

ISO 9001 certification is suitable for all sizes and types of organisations and is well established around the world as an invaluable Quality Management System standard. It is suitable for organisations in all industry sectors and will help your organisation to improve management processes to compete locally and/or globally.

The certificate of the Custom Union (TR TS Certificate) allows the distribution of goods within the Customs Union without restriction. The negotiated accepted standards of the Certificate enable a streamlined process to take place.